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The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

  May 26, 2024


Solemnidad de la Santísima Trinidad

  26 de mayo de 2024 

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En aquel tiempo, los once discípulos se fueron a Galilea

y subieron al monte en el que Jesús los había citado.

Al ver a Jesús, se postraron, aunque algunos titubeaban.
Entonces Jesús se acercó a ellos y les dijo:

"Me ha sido dado todo poder en el cielo y en la tierra.

Vayan, pues, y enseñen a todas las naciones,

bautizándolas en el nombre del Padre

y del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo".


The eleven disciples went to Galilee,
to the mountain to which Jesus had ordered them.
When they all saw him, they worshiped, but they doubted.
Then Jesus approached and said to them,
"All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Fr. Luis' Bulletin Article / Artículo del Boletín del P. Luis: 


Mis queridos hermanos y hermanas, celebramos hoy el misterio de la Santísima Trinidad. Misterio que

sobrepasa nuestro entendimiento y no lo podemos entender completamente. A través de la historia de la salvación, hemos entendido que Dios se ha manifestado en tres diferentes personas, que forman un solo Dios verdadero. El Padre que es el creador de todo, el Hijo que es el Salvador, y el Espíritu Santo, quien es el Santificador y continuador de la misión de Jesús en el mundo. Este misterio de la Trinidad tiene algunas enseñanzas para nuestra vida cristiana como son:


Dios es un Dios de Comunión. En la Tr inidad encontr amos el modelo per fecto de comunidad. Tr es per sonas distintas, con diferentes misiones, y procesiones. Las tres forman una comunidad de vida y de amor, con capacidad de escucha y entendimiento del uno hacia el otro. La Trinidad es por tanto un ejemplo de diversidad y de comunión entre personas, es ejemplo de unidad y entendimiento en medio de la diversidad.


Dios, es un Dios de Comunicación. Entre las tr es per sonas existe una continua comunicación y entendimiento. La Trinidad habla el lenguaje del amor y por eso su comunicación siempre se entiende entre ellos. La Trinidad es para nosotros un ejemplo de diálogo y buen entendimiento entre personas.


La Trinidad es un misterio de amor. Este amor fluye constantemente entr e las tres per sonas de la Tr inidad, brotando hasta nosotros para asociarnos con ellos; de ahí que nosotros somos fruto de ese amor perpetuo que fluye en la Trinidad.


La Trinidad es el mejor ejemplo de Familia. La Tr inidad es ejemplo de familia en el que la unidad y la comunicación son posibles. Es una comunidad donde cada uno conserva su esencia y la pone al servicio de los demás. En ellos se da una comunicación que es cara a cara, llena de respeto y aceptación del otro. Es una comunicación que no necesita de mediación entre ellos y por eso no usan teléfonos celulares ni redes sociales para comunicarse. Mis queridos hermanos, pidamos a Dios que el misterio de la Trinidad que celebramos hoy, nos ilumine para que podamos vivir en comunión y armonía en nuestras familias y en la sociedad. Que recordemos siempre que somos morada del Espíritu Santo y que debemos permitirle que el dirija nuestras vidas.


-P. Luis


My dear brothers and sisters, today we celebrate the mystery of the Holy Trinity. mystery that It surpasses our understanding and we cannot fully understand it. Throughout salvation history, we have understood that God has manifested himself in three different persons, who form one true God. The Father who is the creator of everything, the Son who is the Savior, and the Holy Spirit, who is the Sanctifier and continuer of the mission of Jesus in the world. This mystery of the Trinity has some teachings for our Christian life such as:


God is a God of Communion. In the Trinity we find the perfect model of community. There are different people, with different missions, and processions. The three form a community of life and love, with the ability to listen and understand each other. The Trinity is therefore an example of diversity and communion between people, it is an example of unity and understanding in the midst of diversity.


God is a God of Communication. Between the three people there is continuous communication and understanding. The Trinity speaks the language of love and that is why its communication is always understood between them. The Trinity is for us an example of dialogue and good understanding between people.


Trinity is a mystery of love. This love flows constantly between the three persons of the Trinity, flowing up to us to associate with them; hence we are the fruit of that perpetual love that flows in the Trinity.


The Trinity is the best example of Family. The Trinity is an example of a family in which unity and communication are possible. It is a community where each person preserves their essence and puts it at the service of others. In them there is communication that is face to face, full of respect and acceptance of the other. It is a communication that does not need mediation between them and that is why they do not use cell phones or social networks to communicate. My dear brothers, let us ask God that the mystery of the Trinity that we celebrate today enlightens us so that we can live in communion and harmony in our families and in society. May we always remember that we are the home of the Holy Spirit and that we must allow him to direct our lives.


-Fr. Luis

Fr. Rajesh's Bulletin Article

Creates, Redeems and Sanctifies…

Today, the Sunday after Pentecost, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, a celebration for contemplating and lauding the mystery of the God of Jesus Christ, who is one in the communion of three Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. To celebrate with ever new wonder God-Love, who freely offers us his life and asks us to spread it throughout the world. Today’s Bible readings help us understand that God wishes to show us not so much that he exists but rather that he is the ‘God with us’, close to us, who loves us, who walks with us, is interested in our personal life story and takes care of each one, beginning with the least and the neediest. He “is God in heaven above” but also “on the earth beneath”. Therefore, we do not believe in a distant entity, no! In an indifferent entity, no! But, on the contrary, in the Love who created the universe and who engendered a people, became flesh, died and rose for us and, as the Holy Spirit, transforms and leads everything to fulfilment.


Saint Paul, who experienced first hand this transformation brought about by God-Love, tells us of God’s desire to be called Father, indeed, ‘Dad’ — God is ‘Our Father’ —, with the total confidence of a child who abandons himself in the arms of the one who gave him life. Acting in us — the Apostle again recalls — the Holy Spirit ensures that Jesus Christ is not reduced to a character of the past, no, but that we feel he is near, our contemporary, and feel the joy of being children loved by God. Lastly, in the Gospel, the Risen Lord promises to remain with us forever. And thanks precisely to his presence and to the power of his Spirit we can serenely carry out the mission that he entrusts to us. What is the mission? To proclaim to all and witness to his Gospel and thereby expand our communion with him and the joy that comes from it. God, walking with us, fills us with joy and in a way, joy is a Christian’s first language.


Thus, the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity leads us to contemplate the mystery of God who unceasingly creates, redeems and sanctifies, always with love and through love, and enables every creature that welcomes him to reflect a ray of his beauty, goodness and truth. He has always chosen to walk with mankind and forms a people who may be a blessing for all nations and for each person, excluding none. A Christian is not an isolated person; he or she belongs to a people: this people that God forms. One cannot be Christian without this membership and communion. We are a people: the People of God. May the Virgin Mary help us to joyfully fulfil the mission of witnessing to the world, thirsty for love, that the meaning of life is precisely the infinite love, the tangible love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. [Synthesized From Pope Francis Angelus 27 V 18]

-Fr. Rajesh

Deacon John's Homily Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday – Father –  Son –  Holy Spirit… 

One God - three distinct, separate persons – in One God…  That's our faith – our belief – as Christians – as Catholic Christians...  Saint John Paul II often reminded us – we are Trinitarian people."


When I think of Trinity Sunday, my mind goes to two people:

One – is St. Augustine – one the great  philosophers, theologians – and Doctors of the Church.  For years – Augustine was totally – totally – pre-occupied with the Trinity – trying to understand it – so that he could logically explain it to others.  Well – that never happened.  Augustine eventually let go and accepted this mystery of God – as a mystery of God…


The second person I think of – is Msgr. Tom Wallace, a holy man of God indeed.  Sadly, Msgr. Wallace died unexpectedly last year.  Msgr. Wallace called everyone “Saint.”  It always made me smile when I heard him say to me:  “Hello, Saint John.”  Now – there is no doubt that we can refer to him as “Saint Thomas…”


He told me once that the “Saint” reference was a reminder to him that everyone was a saint in the making.  Everyone is a beloved of God.


Years ago – on Trinity Sunday – Msgr. Wallace was preaching – and gave possibly the shortest homily ever.  After reading the Gospel, he gave his homily:

“When I was in the Seminary, they taught us that the Holy Trinity is a mysteryStill is...” …….Then, he sat down…


Over the years, people have tried various ways to explain the Holy Trinity.


Yet – here we are – celebrating the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity.  The Holy Trinity is an essential part of our faith.  We will profess it at Mass today – with either the Nicene Creed or the Apostles' Creed.


We profess what we do not understand – but we believe.  I always find hope in the words in  today's gospel:  "When the Apostles saw Jesus – they worshiped – but they doubted."  They had their doubts – yet they worshipped – what they did not fully understand.


My contemplation on the Trinity is usually very simple – basic:

God the Father – creator of everything.

God the Son (Jesus) – who came to reveal – or explain – the Father.

And, God the Holy Spirit – who helps us understand – what Jesus taught.


So, my friends – over the centuries – the Holy Trinity has been discussed and argued and debated.  And, in the end – the short answer is: It's still a mystery.


However – all the contemplation – and discussions – and arguments do bring about an increased awareness of this invisible reality

And, that increases our faith because:


We do believe in one God – the Father – the Son – the Holy Spirit.

Amen !

“You pray for the hungry. Then you feed them. 

 This is how prayer works.”       Pope Francis

“Before you speak of peace, you must first have it in your heart.”    –Francis of Assisi

“Antes de hablar de paz, primero debes tenerla en tu corazón”.   –Francisco de Asís

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